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Dandelion Vinegar Recipe


Large jar with lid
As many dandelion leaves (and roots if desired) that will fit into the jar
Organic cider vinegar

Thoroughly wash and dry the dandelion leaves. If using roots as well then scrub the roots clean, then chop into medium-sized pieces.

Stuff the jar with as much dandelion as you can. Next, pour the organic cider vinegar into the jar until dandelions are covered. Poke with a skewer (or something similar) to ensure all air has escaped.

Put lid on. If you are using a mason jar or any other jar with a metal lid be sure to place a layer of thick plastic between the mixture in the jar and the lid. (The acid from the vinegar will cause a metal lid to rust.)

Store the jar in a cool, dark location for 6 weeks. It can be left longer for a stronger flavour if desired. Strain and return into jar.

Edible Wilds in Recipe: Dandelion


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