Harvesting Wild Edibles

January 21st, 2015Posted by Karen

Harvesting charts are a great resource to have so you know what is ready to be harvested, and what part of the plant is to be used. Foragers and herbalists alike can plan their trips into the wild to collect what they need when the time is just right.

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: Review

December 31st, 2014Posted by Karen

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds is a must-have book for those wanting to expand their knowledge on thirteen common plants. In addition there are many great recipes to try out and enjoy!

Food Crisis North of the Tree Line

December 17th, 2014Posted by Karen

There is a food crisis in Canada’s far north and far too many people are going to bed hungry every night. Perhaps the only possible solution may be having people of the north return to some of their traditional ways.

Goldenrod Gall: Survival Food

December 4th, 2014Posted by Karen

The goldenrod gall has intrigued many foragers yet they never really knew what was inside. Many think it is an abnormal growth on the stem yet there is life in that round protrusion.

Emergency Bag Essentials

November 22nd, 2014Posted by Karen

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Ben Franklin was a very wise man and his words have resonated through the decades among those who are prepared. No one can know when a crisis will hit but when it does, being prepared will lessen the impact.

Foraging Week in Thunder Bay

September 2nd, 2014Posted by Karen

Foraging Week in Thunder Bay was organized by Ontario Nature and I was thrilled to be a part of this incredible event.

Dandelion Juice

August 9th, 2014Posted by Karen

Dandelion Juice is loaded with nutrients that will ‘naturally’ energize you!

Wild Edible of the Month

July 24th, 2014Posted by Karen

New – exciting – never been done – a monthly publication about wild edibles that will eventually be like having your own wild edible encyclopedia!

Properly Identifying Edible Plants is Critical

July 1st, 2014Posted by Karen

When researching wild edibles it is mission critical to always use resources that use botanical names. There are far too many errors out there so you should always double if not triple check your sources to be on the safe side.

Henry T. Ford Ate Weeds

June 12th, 2014Posted by Karen

Henry T. Ford was often seen on his farm enjoying weed sandwiches. Ford knew that wild edibles was healthy food.

A Garden to Dye For: Book Review

June 10th, 2014Posted by Karen

A Garden to Dye for is a must-have book if you’re either curious or serious about learning how to dye your own fabrics. Author Chris McLaughlin wrote this incredible book and she has ensured the balance between text and (incredible) images is simply perfect.

Learn to Forage with LeArta Moulton

May 18th, 2014Posted by Karen

Learning to forage from a variety of sources is a great way to increase your knowledge. LeArta Moulton has been teaching people for twenty years and has enjoyed every moment.

EdibleWildFood.com is Now on YouTube

May 5th, 2014Posted by Karen

My first YouTube video was finally launched on May 4, 2014. Be sure to check out what spring time growth looks like for 34 wild edible plants.

Foraging for Evening Primrose

April 24th, 2014Posted by Karen

Evening primrose is not usually thought of as a food source as it is best recognized for its medicinal values. Not only is this plant edible it is tasty!

How to Make a Powerful Healing Balm

April 9th, 2014Posted by Karen

Making healing balms is easier than you think. Tamra Speakman of Shatul Wellness is a holistic herbalist who offers a mini-course for those who want to learn how to make a healing balm using myrrh, frankincense and goldenseal.

Guide to Wild Plants and Useful Plants

April 2nd, 2014Posted by Karen

Long time California forager Christopher Nyerges has been a survival skills educator for forty years. His newly released Guide to Wild Plants and Useful Plants is a terrific book for those interested in learning how to identify wild edibles.

Spring Wild Edibles

March 12th, 2014Posted by Karen

Spring wild edibles are out there now and after a long, very cold winter this greenery is certainly a welcome sight! Several wild edibles are peeking out of that melting snow and many more will be making their way into a forager’s basket soon!

Tea: Is It Really that Good for You?

March 11th, 2014Posted by Karen

After water, tea is the most commonly ingested drink around the world. Studies have shown some of the positive health effects from drinking tea but do these positives outweigh the negatives? Between pesticides, heavy metals and bleached tea bags the negatives are by far outweighing the positives.

Rene Caisse and Essiac

February 20th, 2014Posted by Karen

Rene Caisse is the woman that kept the Essiac formula from vanishing forever yet our children will never get to know her story in the mainstream education system. We parents must strive to ensure our children know about this remarkable woman and how she successfully treated tens of thousands of people of cancer with a simple herbal remedy.

Russian Dandelion: A Multi-Functional Weed

January 15th, 2014Posted by Karen

The Russian dandelion is a whole lot more than just a wild edible. This multifunctional plant is a logical renewable resource for rubber that has quite an interesting history.